The Recovery Process:

The recovery process is broken down into 3 major parts:

Detox- Involves removing the substance and toxins from the body. They are medically assisted or clinically managed depending on severity. It is generally recommended for anyone that has a substance dependency.

Residential Treatment- Is a live in health care facility focused on healing and sobriety, without the distractions or triggers of outside life. Residential treatment offers guidance and support  to reaching treatment goals before moving on to sober living.

Sober Living-  Is a group home setting designed to help one adjust and maintain sobriety in order to live independently without the use of drugs,alcohol or other addictive substances. 




Not all health care providers specialize in addiction treatment.  in addition, treatment centers that cost more and offer "perks"  are not necessarily better. 

What We Do:

The Patrick Cady Foundation is a 501c(3) not for profit corporation established in 2017 with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. 

We locate and secure treatment, housing and vocational programs for young adults between the ages of 18-25 who are struggling with drug and alcohol dependency or homelessness.  We work with our clients through every step of the recovery process, ensuring they remain in trusting hands and feel supported on their rehabilitative journey. We diligently research the organizations we work with; we strategically partner with facilities that are completely patient focused and dedicated to sobriety for the patients they serve. We have a detailed procedure for the applicants we choose and are committed to their success throughout the process. 

We encourage anyone between the ages of 18-25 to apply for treatment. We do not discriminate against any race, gender, gender expression,color, religion, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status or sexual orientation. 




Once someone is selected for treatment through our application process, all costs are covered by the Patrick Cady Foundation. We know that every treatment plan is different and  most healthcare providers only offer coverage for 25% leaving the rest to be covered individually. We take care of all expenses so the entire focus of the patient can be on recovery without the worry of the costs involved to get well.


Detox: $550 per day (average of 7-10 days based on substance). 

Residential Treatment: $7,000 per month (average of 90 days).

Sober Living: $600 per month (average 3-6 months).