Every young adult can thrive.




Our Mission:

To be a guiding light for under-supported young adults struggling with drug and alcohol dependency and other life challenging transitions by providing access to  treatment, housing, and vocational assistance services.

Our Vision:

To honor the life of Patrick Cady and carry on his commitment to achieve lasting solutions by creating a community that empowers young adults to find the help they need with equity, support, and unconditional love.

Our Promise:

To fight against corruption in the drug rehabilitation system by only working with treatment centers whose priority and attention is solely on the patient and not increasing their bottom line. To ensure that promise, we have dedicated countless hours of research to properly vet the treatment facilities that we choose to work with.

We aim to be the guiding light for our clients .”
— James Spitzig  |  FOUNDER





Addiction and the road to recovery are not an overnight process. There are many steps to recovery and many moving parts involved in the success of the journey. Just like Patrick, we saw a gap in the process. Our foundation decided to partner with non-profit and for profit businesses in the recovery community to facilitate the success of those we sponsor. We aim to bring awareness and hope to the process as a whole.





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